Why this blog?

I was always a fan of good design. It always fascinated me how wonderfully the arts and creative thinking was used to solve real world problems, with logical and technical reasoning behind it.

From what I understand, Design is just about solving technical problems around usability and working of products, not just how it looks. This is why I like to observe how products are made, as each aspect of them involves meticulous thought put into making it usable not just functioning.

I really don’t think I know enough about design and am no expert by any standards.And I dont intend to be. Im just an admirer.

Thus, I made this blog to note down my thoughts on design and what I observe around me. In all of its spirit this blog is a fan page for good products and a notepad for my musings on them.

Feel free to go through the content, and if you would like to chat, please drop me a mail at : abhishekbalam@gmail.com .